Learn from Experts

Our programs are taught by Natives and Professionals of the language. So you can rest assured your are in good hands

Live Online Classes

Learn online from the comfort of your home.

Regular Assessments

We regularly test you, so we can help you better.

Expert Trainers

All our teachers are either native of the language or have native level proficiency

Courses we offer

Choose from Japanese or Korean and start your journey to learn about a different culture


Prepare for your TOPIK exams with us.


Prepare for JLPT with us.

Enjoy the content in their original language

Enjoy Anime and K-Dramas along with K-POP and J-POP the way they were meant to be watched and listened to. Communicate with the locals and other enthusiasts on the forums using their native language

Learn the language and use it to boost your career or just to better understand other cultures.

We prepare you according to the standard curriculum decided on by the respective proficiency testing bodies for their exams.

Learn not only the bare minimum but also the subtleties of the speech.

Who are the teachers ?

We carefully screen and find the best teachers for you to learn from.
All the teachers are well versed in their respective language with a near proficient level of second language skills


Korea University - BA
Language Taught - korean

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